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○ Service

First-class service as the goal and strive to achieve
『the best quality of service』

According to customer requirements of the production of the company's products in strict accordance with national standards organization of production, customers have special requirements: Product manufacturing standards and quality assurance. 


The customer calls, letters, visits hospitality, thoughtful service, technical issues raised by customers to help solve serious answers 


During production, to ensure strict accordance with contract requirements, according to the quality, quantity and time of delivery. 


To tie in customers to further improve the product installation, technical training and other service jobs, the companies in this solemn commitment to customers:
        ① The performance of the products offered are in line with national standards and standards related to superior product.
        ②After the arrival of the product, customer acceptance process, where there is inconsistent with the requirements of the contract on the occasion, the company received a customer within 8 hours after the notice to respond, processing.
        ③The Company has service purpose: "Customer is limited, unlimited service!" In Outgoing for each user, wrote to consult, the quality of the recommendations and using the product after receiving customer complaints after, if necessary within 24 hours. response and ensure customer satisfaction.