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        Qingdao Kedi Bo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,Located in the famous coastal tourist city of Sails - Qingdao, is a collection of scientific research, manufacturing, sales, import and export trade as one of the new high-tech joint-stock company is the large-scale, product categories than the whole, the system ability to integrate a comprehensive automated instrument manufacturers.

        The company mainly produces and operation of industrial automation control systems and instrumentation, control software, analytical instruments and complete systems, Electrical automation systems, high-tech precision instrument manufacturing and system integration, based on automated instrumentation and environmental protection industries, and establish a sound product Quality Assurance System

        Companies adhere to the "Kedi Bo in the user side, the user Kedi Bo heart," a principle of service, relying on all the major cities across the country more than business outlets, with first-class products and dedication to provide customers with quality services.

        The company has high-quality R & D team, sophisticated processing equipment, a sound management system, a sound service network, advanced production technology and improve the detection means, to provide long-term environmental laboratories, testing departments, universities, research institutes, etc. monitoring instruments. the company "to quality of survival, to promote development of high-tech" in instrumentation and complete sets of systems has been in a leading position, product throughout the country.

        The company established at the beginning, to establish a people-oriented, innovative and efficient work style of scientific management and market-oriented, technology-based long-term development plan, adhering to the "quality of sophisticated, user-oriented" business purpose and dedication to customer service, enterprises and other fields to provide users with advanced technology, quality and reliable products, and information technology to become the industry leader.

        KediBo is willing to go hand in hand with new and old friends at home and abroad, create a better future!

        Our goal: customer service, striving for perfection; specializes in quality, never slacken.